The most simple and easy step to obtain Canadian immigration is to begin your journey as a student. Getting admission to any DLI college or university in Canada and obtaining a professional degree/ diploma certificate will provide easy access to live, work and settle in Canada. Right now, Canada is allowing international students to start their Canadian educational program virtually and still be eligible to obtain their post-graduation work permit after completing their studies. In order to obtain a full, upto 3 years of work permit, a student must be enrolled in a 2 year program. Also, Your spouse or partner is eligible to obtain an open work permit to work for any Canadian employer during and after you complete your studies. You can also bring your children with you to Canada and they can attend one of Canada’s public schools without needing their own study permit. Once you complete your program, you will get a Canadian degree, diploma, or other credentials that will be recognized and respected by Canadian employers and government authorities. This credential will help you integrate into the Canadian labour market and gain more points under a variety of federal and provincial immigration programs.

Steps involved for studying in Canada as an International Students:
  • Understand the Requirements
  • Choose your Course and Institution
  • Take the Language Proficiency Test
  • Apply to Universities
  • Apply for a Study Perm

If you want help finding the right program for you at a Canadian designated learning institution, whether it is a college, university, or other types of designated learning institution, please contact us so that we can assist you as soon as possible.

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